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Faces from the PDK/Gallup Poll Forum, wit Dr. Lowell Rose

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Dr. Rose speaks on the results of the poll

Dr. Rose with Eve Proffitt, former PDK International Chair 
On the panel:
  • Dr. James Cibulka, Dean, UK College of Education
  • Dr. Susan Leib, Executive Director, Kentucky Educational Professional Standards Board
  • Dr. Ken James, Superintendent, Fayette County Public Schools
  • Joe Kelly, Lexington Chamber of Commerce
  • Kathy Quinn, Kentucky Educational Television
  • Carolyn Witt Jones, Director, Partnership for Kentucky Schools
  • Gene Wilhoite, Kentucky Commissioner of Education
  • Judi Conrad, National PTA
  • Lisa Deffendal, Lexington Herald-Leader Education Reporter
  • John Price, Member, Fayette County School Board
  • Mattie Katz, President, Fayette County Education Association

Judi Conrad, National PTA
Carolyn Witt Jones, Partnership for Kentucky Schools

Gene Willhoit, Kentucky Commissioner of Education, speaking to UK students of education.

John Price, Fayette County Board of Education

From left to right: Dr. James Cibulka ( Dean, UK College of Education and PDK member), Dr. Susan Leib (executive director, EPSB), Dr. Ken James (Superintendent, Fayette County Schools), Joe Kelly (Lexington Chamber of Commerce), Kathy Quinn (KET)

Lunch with Dr. Rose. Listening (L to R) are Connie Evans, Mrs. Rose, Eve Proffitt, and James Cibulka
Owens Saylor, Sharon Brennan, Peggi Petrelli, Robert Brown, Linda Bowker 


Robert Brown, Dee Beeler Jones, Vicki Leet, Joan Mazur, Linda Levstik
Julie Cleary, Rosetta Sandidge, Gary Schroeder, Marina Serdyuk, Patricia Dowell